While other water sport experience is not required to learn windsurfing, being able to swim is required.  All windsurfing lessons start on the beach going over safety and practicing the skills you will need on the water, which are: bringing the sail out of the water, how to turn around and how to get motion.  The next step is practicing those skills in the shallow water prior to sailing any distances.  Learning these skills takes approximately 30 minutes and then you will use these skills to begin sailing short runs as you gain confidence.  The remainder of your time will be sailing under instructor supervision.

All equipment is provided. We recommend you bring sunscreen and water.
While not required, water footwear can be helpful when walking through the water.


training on beach


 Your windsurfing lesson begins on the beach.
 Here you will get the feel of each
 skill you will perform on the water.


train water



Then we practice the same 
skills in the shallow water. 








 And then it's time to sail!